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What Do You Have To Say? - My Resolution For 2008

December 31st, 2007 (06:55 pm)

What's your New Year's Resolution?
Just because its a new  year doesnt always mean that its a time to change. You can change whenever you want. and whatever you want. I have learned a lot this year, and in 2008, i am going to be more determined and still strive to do my best with my fashion design, and be the best girlfriend i can be for my 2 year relationship.
A time for change is now. Not just , the new year.
But its one more year that im alive. One more year for exciting things. <3333


December 30th, 2007 (06:03 pm)

z o m b i e ;

December 30th, 2007 (05:56 pm)

What are your New Year's Eve plans?
Watching fireworks on the beautiful docks outside the city with my darling boyfriend.
Hoping that this year, is better than the last.
Hoping that my mistakes dont add up.
Hoping that i actually find who i really am.
my loves,my hates,my fears,my actual fashion.
I hope to get all a's in my fashion classes.

[ happy new years everyone.]

Today is, Depressing.

December 25th, 2007 (03:54 pm)

I am, this year, just beginning to truly hate the entire idea of xmas. Why is it that, only ONCE a year... everyone finds a stupid reason to be the happiest theyve ever been, and also finds a reason to show forgiveness for everything? Why is it so wonderful, to receive gifts on oneeee day of the year, and be all happy and jolly? I work in retail. So my xmas music annoy-age limit is pouring out of the lid. Christmas seriously is, the most overrated and lamest excuse for people to be "happy about life" and completely do a 360 on their attitudes about everything around them. Even shoppers get pissy. Its ridiculous.My mom thinks its soooo bad that i dont like christmas at all. I think its dumb honestly. Everyone smiling...
come on people!    if thats the way the holiday changes people then shit! its xmas every damn day for me, because IM HAPPY WHETHER ITS SNOWING RAINING OR IM GETTING A GIFT OR NOT. Seriously. Why is it that way? why did we have to use xmas as the excuse, why cant we just be happy with our lives. Because "jesus" died that day.. we are merry? and jesus didnt even die that day i guess. Sigh. Americans, gotta over dramatize everything. Lets just get real and quit using xmas as the reason for the happiness at this time of year. Why? Grrrrr. The people upstairs are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loud. omfg. i hate them so much. Its ridiculous how loud they are. and the problem is never gonna get solved. Weve bitched about their music and their banging and running and slamming every single day ... about 5 times. Does it get solved? No. Tomorrow i am going a-wall.. no wait. cant tomorrow. Gotta go the next day. Sigh.
but ya. i dont understand why i am the bad guy for not liking christmas. you all should know that i think religion is the base of ..well.. dog shit.
and a lot of people arent getting a "merry xmas" with gifts and toys and ps3's. What about them?  oh right, this is the year where we actually give other people stuff because its "that time of year for giving" what, the , fuck?
me and my man dont like it.. its just lame to us.
sorry if youre extremely religious i just really think the idea of xmas is really fucked up and pretend.

fucking americans.
think about it when youre with your family tonight, eating dinner and smiling.

and ask yourself,

why isnt everyday of our lives together this happy?
a lot of people out there arent having a good xmas. they arent with their families, they are in a war or in a bad environment...
so be grateful today.
be grateful everyday.


December 19th, 2007 (11:39 am)

So today it was determined that I am keeping my job as a seasonal sales associate at Macys. The whole thing with the girl that fucked me over is well, over. Read the story here: blog.myspace.com/smiley_normal_hates_me [third or 4th entry down]
That explains my day at work.
Well, nate is here. Things are iffy with us right now.Sigh, my fault. What to do, gee.. i dont have any idea. but at least i have my job back. Thats all that matters. Because me and him need the money. Anyways, i failed two of my classes in the first quarter of college. Gee, im good. My mom is being a bitch these days, and hounding me for "sleeping in and wasting my life because nate is there." yes mother, i am going to waste my life by getting sleep at noon, on a day that im not working full time and going to school, full time. Sigh. Shes insane. Especially towards the holidays. Shes just mad cuz i actually have to work during the holidays, and not make it up there for xmas. Gosh im so sad that i cant listen to her bitch and ask me to wash the dishes and make me walk home cuz her headlights are out. Yes mom, i am working. [thank god].
So yea, life is interesting right now. Me and my mom solved a few things... bickered about a few things. I grabbed a nordstroms card today just in case macys wont re-hire me when the season is over. I am pretty stupid for failing my classes... that was a bad bad move on my part. Lost my motivation, lost my wanting to do my work.But if i want fashion, damnit,... i gotta work for it. Chance of a lifetime, cuz not everyone gets accepted to an art school right? Ya, i really need to thank my lucky stars for that one. anyways, thus is my life right now. Work at 9:45 am tomorrow. workin an 8 hour, then a 9 hour tomorrow, then an 8 hour the next day. I hope that ***** got fired. heh. thatd be nice :] cuz she put me and my job in jeopardy for her smooth move. They actually gave me the choice to start work again or not start work again. They didnt actually fire me, which is nice.
Well, that is all for now.
Update when... i can i guess.


November 14th, 2007 (11:37 pm)

I feel:: aggravated

I swear to god, people are getting more stupid and judgemental than ever before. Online people that is. They judge all the damn time, its ridiculous. They dont know shit about me. Well, anyways..
on to happier things. My man is coming home friday, and my mom is sending me money .. for my greyhound ticket. I have to get about 200 dollars for nate, to come home. To pay for his ticket. Sigh. He is depending on me. and i gave him my word that i would have it. I am trying so hard, but that doesnt matter to him i guess. Sigh. anyways, im just so pissed right now. Because of people online, they are so fucking mean and stupid. Why cant they just grow up? Seriously, is it that hard to act mature and accept people, even though you dont know them?
On a happier note, i saw a girl post a thread about the skinny people controversy. How its ok to call a thin person "twig" and its considered mean to call a fat person a whale.
I gave my two cents, and i was so happy to see someone stick up for skinny people. This is by far the most imporant issue to me. I am skinny, and i am very touchy about being called names and judged all the time. Its just, society doesnt consider it bad , because no one speaks up. No one thinks its offensive to call someone a twig. Its ridiculous. Anyways,
Life is good here. I wish the bass on my roommates headphones wasnt so bad. She let me borrow them. I am really tired. Man alive.
So, i will ttyl. Like anyone reads this though. oh well.
i love you too.

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November 11th, 2007 (12:51 am)

I feel:: calm

Well, here is my first entry. My NEW livejournal. Where i hope to meet new exciting people, and post my life on this blank canvas. I tried blogger, but no one ever read my blog. So Livejournal is actually good at making friends, so this should be a lot nicer. I am glad to meet all of you.. and please, read up on my blog. It contains a lot of fashion, and a lot of opinions. I hope to get a lot more readers than i did on Blogger. Because my fashion rules. [tah] Kinna like breakfast club.
Anywho, ttyllolwtfbbq later! Thanks!

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